Who Makes Vitacci Golf Carts & Where Are They Made?

Vitacci, a brand that has been in the business since 2006, is now bigger than ever. With newer designs and models, their innovation keeps pushing the limits of technology. So, where are Vitacci golf carts made, and what makes them unique?

Vitacci golf carts are made in Texas, United States. Despite most of the assembly and manufacturing taking place here, some parts are imported from other countries. Moreover, they specialize in not just golf carts, but in a variety of other vehicles, which makes them a one-stop for all types of a brand.

With that being said, they make high-quality products, and that too at a good price for almost everyone. Their comfy designs, powerful engines, and efficiency are all things to look out for.

Who Makes Vitacci Golf Carts?

Vitacci golf carts are manufactured by Vitacci Motorcycles Inc. The name might suggest that they are a motorcycle company, and indeed they produce motorcycles. 

However their product ranges from e-cycles to scooters to golf carts and many more. This makes them a reliable source for vehicles as you get a variety of different options.

Their UTVs and golf carts both provide exceptional quality in terms of performance and durability. With the UTVs being almost the same as the golf carts, they are an excellent option if you opt against going for their first-choice golf carts.

What Are The Special Features Of Vitacci Golf Carts?

Vitacci offers a range of unique features in their golf carts that make them stand out from their competitors. And oftentimes, these become the decisive factor that separates the best from the good. 


Vitacci offers both electric and gas-powered golf carts. Although they are primarily focused on the electric ones, their gas-powered carts such as the Rover 200 EFI or the Cross Land 200 EFI, are quite the bargain. 

The Cross Land 200 EFI can reach top speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, whereas the fastest electric one, the E Bolt, has a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Compared to other golf cart brands, these are very impressive numbers.


Vitacci makes their golf carts very comfortable. They have a high-density sponge and thick leather-covered seats which provide for a relaxed ride on and off the road. 

The E Bolt model has a bonus feature that other models don’t. It has an air cooling system, which makes the ride even more comfortable.

Driving Range

Regarding driving range, the electric carts range from around 40 to as much as 60 miles from one charge. 

So you can hop in the car and have no worries about recharging, as your car will go around for quite a long time. And the charging time? The duration is usually from 6 to 8 hours.


They have cup holders, storage and ice buckets, chargers, extension roofs, cushions, and plenty more. So if you are a style fanatic, these will suit you perfectly.

Vitacci Golf Carts: Pros And Cons

Despite being exceptional in their performances, Vitacci golf carts also have downsides. So let’s take a quick look at their pros and cons.

Great top speed for golf carts.Gas-powered models like the rover do not accelerate as fast as expected.
Great battery life.Charging time can be too long for some people.
A reasonable price range starting from around 5 thousand dollars.Might not be readily available to retailers.

Is Buying a Vitacci Golf Cart Worth It?

Vitacci golf carts shine in their way, and if you want to have a guarantee of quality, then they are worth it. So, let’s take a look at why Vitacci might be your ideal option when looking for a golf cart.

They have great speeds compared to other brands. Mostly, golf carts have top speeds of around 20 kilometers per hour, whereas some Vitacci models can go up to 45 kilometers per hour. 

When it comes to maximum driving range, they also tick the box. On average, an electric golf cart goes around 20 miles from one charge. The Vitacci however, has a range of 40 to as much as 60 miles, which makes it highly convenient.

For comfort, they glide through courses with their advanced braking and suspension systems, making your ride very smooth. 

The best part of all is that most of their carts are reasonably priced for such high product quality. So if you want to get one, it is a bargain.

On the flip side, some people may not want to go for a brand that is not as well-reputed as some of the big guns in the industry.

In the end, it is up to you whether you decide to go for Vitacci after weighing in your options.


If you have more questions after reading this far, then say no more, we’ve got you covered. Given below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we have, and they might just match yours.

Are Vitacci golf carts all-wheel drive?

No, most carts are rear-wheel drive only. However, there is a unique feature in one of the models, the Cross Land 200 EFI, is that it can shift between front and rear-wheel drive.

What type of fuel do the gas-powered models use?

The gas-powered models use unleaded gasoline as their fuel. The type you should use must be 91 rated or higher. If you can’t find higher ratings, then 91 is just fine, and it is much more available than 95 or 98.

How much do Vitacci golf carts weigh?

The E Bolt electric golf cart weighs in at 660 kg, with all other models having similar weight. However, this is the dry weight, meaning it is the weight without any fluids like brake fluids, fuel, and so on. It also doesn’t include cargo weight.

How many people can sit in a Vitacci golf cart?

Most models can comfortably carry 4 people, making them exceptionally good value. However, there is a model called the Rover 200 EFI Dump Bed, which has 2 seats and a large cargo bed.


Golf carts are crucial when it comes to doing well on the course. So having a good golf cart is a no-brainer. Vitacci provides you with carts at a reasonable price and has essential features like high speed and excellent battery life.

Ultimately, which brand of cart you go for is your choice. Hopefully, we have been able to help you out in that process with our detailed walkthrough of Vitacci golf carts. Shop wisely and be well.