Club Car USB Port Not Working – How To Fix?

The USB port on the Club car is an excellent feature as it allows us to charge our phones in emergency situations. But the factory USB unit just stops working after using it for some time. 

Dirt built up, usage of the wrong cable, and faulty USB port are the most common reasons for Club Car USB port not working problem. 

The solution to this problem is fairly easy and you can fix the problem at your home using simple tools. Be with us and surely you’ll be able to fix this problem without breaking the bank. 

Club Car USB Port Not Working Issue – 3 Reasons To Check

The USB port on the club car is an excellent way to charge your phone while on the golf course. However, due to various reasons, the USB port can malfunction. 

The malfunction can sometimes cause headaches as it stops you from charging your phone in emergency situations. Some of the reasons are very simple and easy to fix, while others are a bit complicated to fix. Here are some possible reasons for the USB port not working and its fix-

Dirt and Debris on the USB Port 

If the USB port on the club car hasn’t been used in a while then there can be dust or debris built up inside the port. Have a close look at the USB port on your club car and if you see dirt built up inside it, it is time to clean the port. 

The dirt inside the port can stop the USB head from going in all the way and it doesn’t connect to charge your phone. 

Cleaning the USB port of your club car will resolve this issue. You can use a USB Cleaning Kit to clean the USB port. 

Not Using the Right Cable

Not every cable you have is compatible with your club car’s USB port. The USB cable you use must be a Shielded cable to be able to work properly. Those cables that are not Shielded cables are not compatible with the Club car’s USB port. 

If you use an iPhone, you can use the Cable that comes in the phone’s box. The cable is shielded and works perfectly with the club car’s USB port. If you have a cable that is not shielded, you should buy a shielded cable from Amazon and that should resolve the problem. 

You can also try a bunch of different cables that you have at your home and find the one that works. 

Faulty USB Port

The USB port on the Club Car can sometimes fail or wear out. When the USB port is used for a long time it can malfunction. The wiring can be damaged or any inside part can hampered due to aging or other reasons. 

If the car is still under warranty, the manufacturer should do the repair free of cost. But if you not, you can do the repair by yourself or you can do it in a repair shop. 

Just by replacing the USB unit, you can resolve this problem easily. You simply just have to buy one USB unit and replace it. 

Step-by-Step Process of Replacing the USB Port of A Club Car

A common problem with the factory Club Car USB port is that they quit working and sometimes there remains no other way but to replace the USB port on your club car. 

The process of replacing the port is fairly easy and simple. You just need several things and have to follow a series of easy steps to complete the procedure. 

Tools You’ll Need to Complete the Procedure

  1. New USB port unit
  2. Screwdriver 

Step-1: Turn off the Club Car

First, turn off the club and make sure no voltage is reaching the USB port. 

Step-2: Unscrew the Front Panel 

There are three screws with which the front panel is secured. Unscrew the three screws using a Screwdriver. After unscrewing the dash should be loosened, and move it down to make it come free. 

Step-3: Take Out the Old USB Unit 

Now, rock the old USB unit up and down to take it out of its place. The USB unit has two wires one black and one red, the wires are attached using connectors. 

Carefully inspect where the black and red wires are connected. You have to remember the positions of the connectors as you have to put the new connectors of the new unit exactly in the same positions. 

Disconnect the connectors and the unit will come free to your hand. 

Step-4: Install the New USB unit 

The new USB unit you bought should also have the same type of wiring and connector as your old USB unit. Now place the Unit in the old Unit’s position and connect the two wires with its connectors. 

Step-4: Test the New USB Unit

Before closing the front dash turn on the car and check whether the USB unit is working or not. You can check the USB port by charging your phone.

Step-5: Reinstall the Front Dash cover

Now time to close the cover of the front dash. Screw the screws you removed on the second step to secure the dash in its place. Here you go now you have a new USB that you can use to charge your phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Some questions may have came to your head while reading about the USB problem. Here are some most common questions and answers-

What type of cord do I need to use to charge my phone using the club car USB port?

You have to use a shielded cable to charge your phone via the Club car USB port. The car does not charge your phone when the cord is not shielded. 

Final Thoughts 

Using the right cable should charge your phone when you connect the cable to your Club car’s USB port. If that does not happen the reason for the club car USB port not working is a faulty USB unit. 

You have to replace the faulty USB unit of your club car to make it work again. Buy a new USB unit and install it. The procedure is childlike and you can do it by yourself at home.