Morgan Dairy Golf Club is an 18 hole golf course located just south
of Griffin, Ga. An experienced golfer can expect a good test of  his
golfing ability, while at the same time a beginner will enjoy keeping
the ball in play on the generous fairways. Large greens will also test
your putting skills with  the possibility of putts in excess of 100 feet.
Come enjoy a game of golf with us here at Morgan Dairy Golf Club.
Cautiously place your wagers now.
Approach shot. The green
is just over the hill. It is a
large one. Depending  on
the flag placement, there
could be a  difference of 2
or 3 clubs. Approximately
45 yards from front to
back. Good luck!
Tee shot on # 1. Just get to
the dog leg and you have
anything from a 6 iron to a
sand wedge to the green.
This is # 2. Easy but
intimidating. Just get the ball
on the green and hope that
your putting skills can advance
you to the next hole with a par.
This is # 3. Some can drive this
green, but I don't recommend it.
There is water directly in front of
it. Use your 5 wood or a 3 iron
and stay close to the trees  on
the left. If you don't you will be
in the water. Oh, don't let the
marsh at the tee box affect your
This is your  approach. It
will be anywhere from 50
to 160 yards out. Be
careful of the water.
Here comes # 4. The perfect
shot is straight over the bunker
to the top of the hill. If you're
scared, there is an open area to
the right of the bunker. This is
the first par 5.
If you can drive to this ditch
you can toot your own horn.
This is a natural drainage
ditch. If you can hit your ball
out of it, do it. If you can't,
take a stroke and a drop
back in line with the tee box.
A slice on # 5 is bad news. This
tee shot needs to go straight
down the middle. There is a
grassy mound left of the
fairway. You can't see it, but
believe me it's there. It's not
easy to hit out of it.
Remember, straight down the
middle. This hole looks so
simple, but don't be unhappy
with a bogey. This green slopes
to the right.
#6.   Par three. Simple, big, tough.
We've only had two holes in one
on this hole since we opened
(2001). Do you think you may be
Click photo to
Now on your second
shot watch for the three
bunkers and rough up
the right side of the
fairway. It's safer to play
left of them and position
yourself for a good
approach shot.
# 7.     This par 5 needs a
tee shot straight through
the hole just right of the
big oak tree. You'll be fine
Morgan Dairy Golf Club Inc.
525, Morgan Dairy Rd.
Griffin Ga.   30224
Morgan Dairy Golf Course